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Women, Wealth & Retirement

To help women create life and income plans that ensure emotional, physical and financial balance, resulting in confidence and trust throughout all stages of life.

Amber Kelly
Director of Global Wealth Women

Amber is the youngest of three children to a French Canadian Mother and an Italian Father. Neither of her parents have had much formal or financial education, but they knew how to stretch a dollar further than most. Unfortunately they believed that a person needed to be wealthy or have money invested in the stock market in order to seek help from a financial advisor. Of course neither of those are true. Amber’s motivation to become a financial professional, as well as her focus on helping women specifically, came directly as a result of that misconception.

Amber has spent several years providing counsel to financial advisors from around the country on how to build suitable and ethical business practices. She has worked directly with all levels of financial practices from CEO’s to local independent advisors and insurance agents. Amber earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from Southern New Hampshire University. Amber is also a licensed Investment Advisory Representative and holds an insurance license in the State of Florida for Life, Health, and Annuities. She stays on top of the ever-changing world of financial planning through continuing education courses and specialized exams.

Amber is dedicated to helping individuals and families plan for their future. She helps develop comprehensive financial plans encompassing all concerns such as income planning, retirement planning, asset protection strategies, investment planning and estate planning.
Outside of work Amber has been blessed to spend the last 10 years with her husband Kyle. They reside in Fort Lauderdale and have two incredible daughters named Braylin and Harper.  She enjoys anything challenging, working out, playing with her kids, and spending time with her friends and family.

“As a woman, I understand what it means to work hard and put others needs before my own. I also understand the challenges that women face today and I have personally dealt with adversity in my life and, thankfully, came out stronger in the end. I have now made it my mission to help guide women to and through retirement, as what I’d like to refer to as their financial advocate — whether they are married, single, divorced or widowed.” – Amber Kelly

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A New Model in Roles, Responsibilities and Financial Needs

Today, American women face a major gap in achieving confidence and peace of mind with money. What was once “typical” is a meaningless definition in today’s society. Women marry later, if at all. Nontraditional family structures are the new norm — stay-at-home dads, aging parents, same-sex couples and children returning to the home after college or divorce are commonplace. “Typical” is anything but these days.

As the structure of the family and society has changed, so have the needs in financial planning strategies. Whether by circumstance or choice, women must become responsible for their long-term financial plans. So what do you do? Get involved!

Global Wealth Women offers new insights on how women can be better served by their financial planners based on their unique life situations and circumstances.

Knowledge is Power

What stage of life you are in directly impacts the financial goals and objectives during that time. Whether you’re starting a new job, getting married, buying a home, starting a business or approaching retirement, there’s an important point to keep in mind: IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY — OR TOO LATE — TO START TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCIAL SECURITY.

In a recent study, 40 percent of women surveyed said that the lack of sufficient knowledge was the single largest barrier to getting more involved in managing savings and investments.1

The Women, Wealth and Retirement workshop fills this gap by providing invaluable information and education from experienced financial advisors who will help grow your knowledge of financial strategies based on your unique goals and objectives.

1The Allianz Women, Money, and Power Study: Empowered and Underserved. ENT-1462-N. Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York.

Women Underserved in Financial Services Industry

Despite our growing economic power and influence, women continue to be poorly served by the financial services industry, which, as a whole, is still perceived as being oriented toward serving men.

Sixty-two percent of women still don’t have a financial professional — let alone a financial plan. Even among those who do have a financial advisor, most do not view that person as a go-to expert on how to spend, save and invest.

We look forward to connecting with you and your vision, and in providing a plan to help you get there.

Women Don’t Make the Time

No matter their family situation, financial situation or social circumstance, women feel that their business lifestyles do not provide sufficient time to address financial planning strategies. Women feel overwhelmed by their daily lives but are still hungry for knowledge about financial and retirement planning. Ninety percent of women surveyed believe they need to be more involved in financial planning.¹ So what can you do? JOIN US!

Join us for a one-hour complimentary retirement road map review. We will help to create confidence and trust in creating a life and income plan that ensures emotional, physical and financial balance.

We look forward to connecting with you and your vision, and in providing a plan to help you get there.

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